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Wildlife Travel in India: A Call of Nature

Wildlife Travel in India

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Wildlife travel in India is a unique way to witness the majestic natural world of the sub-continent. India is a land of many geographical, cultural and historic marvels. There is always something for any tourist – from adventure to art and architectural delights to breath-taking locales, seeking calm and relaxation and to the exotic wildlife. Due to its vastness and varied climatic conditions, the tropical flora and fauna of India are distinct from any other place of the region.


India is home of around 110 national parks, highlighting the commitment of Indians to nature and its preservation. The national parks and bird sanctuaries attract a huge number of tourists, both local and international, annually. Many of the national parks have been declared UNESCO World Heritage sites due to their global importance to the world’s flora and fauna. Corbett national park, Kanha national park, Sunderbans national park, Kaziranga national park are some of the famous tourist attractions for wildlife exploration.

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A wide variety of animals can be seen sauntering around or busy in their activities. Wild boars, wild buffaloes, one-horned rhinos, tigers, chital, deer, Sāmbhar and many such exotic animals are a common sight in these national parks. Project Tiger is a unique initiative of India to conserve and preserve its national animal – Tigers. There are some famous bird sanctuaries, too, in India, of which Sanctuary is very famous for its unique blend of local and migratory birds. Out of 8650 species of birds, around 1266 can be seen in India, which says a lot about the wide range of birds you get to witness in this colorful land.


There are different ways to explore this unique milieu – through elephant back safaris or through jeep safaris. If you wish to witness nature in its basic form, then the royal ride on elephant back is the way to go. Even the king of the jungle will have to respect the majestic elephants. Trained mahouts will ensure a smooth and comfortable tour of the region. For a more modern exploration, opt for Jeep safaris. They offer a quicker way to witness the wilderness. Accommodations in and around any national park are readily available due to their high tourist attractions. Some places also let you enjoy a cozy tent for an exclusive experience. Hiking is however not allowed in the national parks to avoid any human-animal conflicts. Guided tours are one of the most preferred options by the tourists to get some local history attached to the region. Safety of animals and tourists is ensured by different processes and programs by the Department of Forest, Government of India.

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India is a land of many surprises. The wildlife of the country is also a delight to watch and provides such unmatched visual treats. You are sure to be spellbound with its magic. Don’t miss any opportunity to witness this incredible country with its spectacular natural delights. 

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